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Project Trust has one project in Hong Kong. Volunteers work as part of the Outward Bound team, helping to organise and run courses including kayaking, sailing, walking and more. Outward Bound courses are designed to teach leadership, teamwork and communications skills through experiential learning.

Hong Kong’s mix of ‘feng shui’ and finance, trams and temples make it a fascinating place in the world. During your placement you’ll probably eat some of the best food you’ve ever tasted, be dazzled by the stunning harbour and feel energised wandering the vibrant streets.

However, your placement with Outward Bound Hong Kong, which is one of Project Trust’s longest running projects, is located towards the north of the city in an area known as the New Territories. The New Territories offers a lot of culture and generous expanses of unspoiled country ready to be explored.

During your Hong Kong gap year, you will be able to enjoy the surrounding peaks and rural areas in the morning before heading to the bright lights of one of the world’s greatest citities.

A year in Hong Kong will give you a great insight into its complex political and cultural history.

The Outward Bound Hong Kong gap year project is an extremely rewarding placement. You are given the opportunity to shadow courses upon arrival, and as you gain more experience you will take part in supporting groups as the year progresses.

There are two main sites Outward Bound Hong Kong operates from; Tai Mong Tsai, a particularly beautiful and unspoilt area in the New Territories and the smaller land site at Wong Wan Chau, close to the border with China. You’ll be based in Tai Mong Tsai so you will be living in a quiet, rural area, very different from the skyscrapers of central Hong Kong, but the city itself is easily accessible.

You will need to be energetic and motivated by the outdoors, able to inspire confidence and encourage people of all abilities. You will need to demonstrate a range of skills and experience such as a strong work ethic; willingness to learn and develop new skills; diligence and efficiency when setting up and delivering activities and working as a core part of the OBHK team.

Outward Bound courses act as a catalyst in a person’s life. Their courses take people on a journey of self-discovery, compelling them to undertake challenging outdoor adventures that require great personal effort and commitment. In doing so, Outward Bound allows people to discover what they are truly capable of, creating and harnessing the passion and self-belief that can influence them to change their lives for the better. This is no different for their working staff.

Volunteering overseas can help you gain confidence by giving you the chance to try something new and build a real sense of achievement with a long term placement to test your abilities a supportive structure. By immersing yourself in a community overseas you’ll learn about cultures, languages, religions, foods and lifestyles completely different to what you’re used to. At the same time you’ll apply your energy, talents and existing skills to engage in an exchange of mutual benefit with the community you’re working in.

Projects available in Hong Kong

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Niall Edwards | S. Africa 09/10
Niall Edwards | S. Africa 09/10Country Coordinator for Hong Kong
Niall is a Returned Volunteer (South Africa 09/10) working with Outward Bound during his year overseas. Following this, he went on to work in the outdoor industry across North America and Europe. Niall has worked as an outdoor practitioner for seven years and specialises in non-technical key skills development. Outward Bound was instrumental starting this path as a very well respected outdoor educator, and by working closely with Volunteers going to Hong Kong, Niall is able to share his expertise and knowledge; something that he is really passionate about.

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