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A gap year in Honduras with Project Trust offers you the chance to make a positive impact teaching English, Maths or Science whilst learning Spanish, experiencing a culture which blends Latin American and Caribbean influences and gaining an in-depth understanding of the realities of a much stigmatised country.

Volunteer in Honduras

Project Trust has had gap year Volunteers in Honduras every year since 1981/82, although two Volunteers were sent to volunteer in Honduras in 1969/70. Over 300 volunteers have worked in projects either on the mainland of Honduras or the Bay Island of Roatan.

The majority of Project Trust’s placements in Honduras are in secondary schools, where Volunteers teach English, Maths or Science. But there is also plenty of opportunity to run extracurricular activities like arts, music or sport.

There are also some placements in primary schools, in which Volunteers teach a form class across a broad range of subjects, but mainly revolve around basic numeracy and literacy.

The schools also vary in terms of their resources and student population: some of them are in very remote locations, which provide their own challenges. There is huge scope for teaching the children from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and there is always a new challenge for Volunteers to get their teeth into.

Kate, Honduras Gap Year Volunteer

Kate, Honduras Gap Year Volunteer

Why volunteer in Honduras?

A Project Trust gap year in Honduras will give you 12 or eight months immersed in a Spanish-speaking country. Your desire to make friends, perform well as a teacher and to learn about the community and culture you’re living in will motivate you to work hard at your Spanish, and you’ll return home very proficient if not fluent in the language.

Teaching for 12 or eight months gives you the opportunity to develop as a teacher and to see your students progress over a long-term period. By the end of the year you’ll have helped your students work through their exams, and will leave with the knowledge that your hard work will be reinforced by next year’s Project Trust Volunteers.

As a teacher you’ll develop your confidence, public speaking and organisational skills. Lesson planning and classroom management will become second nature, whilst you’ll learn to be resourceful and adaptable when necessary.

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Honduras Gap Year highlights…

“Project Trust gives you all the support you need for your year volunteering while also acting as a kind of behind-the-scenes guide, letting you organise, explore and figure things out for yourself.”

Antonia, Honduras Gap Year Volunteer

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