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If a year living in an Amerindian community in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, or in cattle-ranching country in the savannah is what you’re looking for, then a Guyana gap year with Project Trust is the placement for you.

Volunteer in Guyana

There are a great variety of environments in which you can work on a gap year in Guyana, but all the projects are, in essence, teaching. Many qualified teachers from Guyana relocate to the rest of the Caribbean and further afield. The Ministry of Education is successfully combating this with teacher training programmes and the success of this can be seen in the capital, Georgetown.

In the remote interior however, there is still a very strong need for maths, science and English teachers. Project Trust Volunteers are a valuable resource to schools which would otherwise be understaffed.

Project Trust’s programme in Guyana has been a sustained success. There are numerous examples of schools where exam results have dramatically improved following the introduction of Project Trust Volunteers. There are even schools we don’t send Volunteers to anymore because pupils who were taught by successive years of Volunteers have now qualified as teachers and can fulfil the roles themselves.

Peter, Guyana Gap Year Volunteer

Peter, Guyana Gap Year Volunteer

Why volunteer in Guyana?

Guyana is the land of the “just now” where everything happens in its own time. This doesn’t mean you will have a lazy year, although liming (relaxing) will play a large part of it; there is plenty to do and lots of work to be involved in for those with enthusiasm and energy.

To be a Guyana gap year Volunteer you’ll have to be patient, adaptable and prepared for a basic lifestyle. It is likely that communication beyond your immediate community will be tricky at best: certainly don’t expect to be Skyping home every day.

The community you live in is likely to be small, and you’ll quickly integrate and become an important member. You’ll have the chance to get involved in activities like fishing, hunting and farming cattle. Life in Guyana is very outdoorsy, and you’ll have lots of chance for treks and adventures.

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Guyana Gap Year highlights…

“Imagine this – you leave your family in the UK for one year but guaranteed when your placement is finished it’s like you are leaving your family all over again. Project Trust provides every volunteer with the opportunity to have a heart that belongs in two places in the world, and that is something truly special.”

Jess, Guyana Gap Year Volunteer

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