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Being a part of a small community is at the heart of a Ghana gap year with Project Trust. Close-knit and welcoming communities make local customs and culture very accessible, although the rural settings of the villages mean Volunteers should be prepared for basic accommodation and facilities.

Volunteer in Ghana

Project Trust’s current Ghana gap year placements are in the Volta region, the most easterly region of Ghana, bordering Togo. The region stretches from the coastal plains on the Atlantic coast right up to the arid lands of the north, and climatic conditions can vary tremendously. It is dominated by the river Volta and Lake Volta in its western area which provide highways connecting up to the north of the country. The rolling hills and valleys, rocky outcrops overlooking Lake Volta, lagoons, rivers, beaches and waterfalls make it a truly magnificent location.

Ghana gap year Volunteers work in a range of different schools with different age groups, from pre-school to Junior High School age. As well as teaching English, Volunteers spend their gap year teaching basic science, ICT and maths classes, and there are endless opportunities to expand your experience by joining or setting-up extracurricular activities.

Karina, Ghana Gap Year Volunteer

Karina, volunteering on her Ghana Gap Year

Why volunteer in Ghana?

Ghana’s official language is English but you will find many Ghanaians first language is one of the many African languages and dialects that identify the country’s different regions. At our projects this language is primarily Ewe, but you can also expect to see some French influences due to the proximity of Togo to the East.

Having a high level of fluency in English is a key asset which can be absent in the staff of Ghanaian schools. As a native or fluent English speaker you will be an invaluable resource and will contribute to the provision of English education.

Over the twelve months you will really get to see the your students’ spoken English improve; a tough but incredibly rewarding role. With the knowledge that your hard work will be continued by successive Ghana gap year volunteers, you will be part of a sustainable volunteering programme making a difference to the community long after you have left.

Ghana Gap Year Projects

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Ghana Gap Year highlights…

  • Pound fufu and learn how to cook like a Ghanaian, it isn’t as easy as it looks

  • The coastal region of Ghana has never-ending white sand beaches where you can see the incredible fishing boats in action

  • Spot elephants, lions, crocodiles and much more in Mole National Park

  • The Volta region offers some incredible natural beauty; Wli and Tagbo waterfalls, as well as Mount Afadjato are all great places to explore

  • Makola Market and Osu Night Market in Accra are a great way to get whatever it is you need, be prepared to haggle though!

“Long-term volunteering allows volunteers to make an impact, gain trust and learn more from the placement.”

Lydia, Ghana Gap Year Volunteer

Ghana Gap Year Stories

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