Gap Year Teaching in Primary Schools

What’s involved?

If you have a love of children, bags of enthusiasm and plenty of patience, then you could spend your Gap Year teaching in one of the many primary school projects which Project Trust offers. We’re looking for Volunteers with good communication skills as well as lots of energy and imagination to work in primary schools across the world.

You’ll enjoy building a good rapport with your class and interaction with the children is one of the most rewarding parts of teaching on your Gap Year. Having a good sense of humour always helps too! Your role is to motivate pupils with fun, engaging and informative lessons which you will use your organisational skills to plan and prepare.

The children will also enjoy learning about your country and culture and benefit from hearing English spoken by a proficient speaker. Usually you will have to follow a textbook or curriculum to ensure students are prepared for secondary school.

What will I gain?

Seeing the positive development of your pupils will show you what a worthwhile job you are doing – you really can make a significant difference to children’s lives. Every day is different and if you have skills in music, drama, art, crafts or sports, you will be able to use them in extracurricular activities.

You will also gain experience teaching a range of subjects and often you will have responsibility for the education of a class; a set of young people that you will get to know very well, developing good understandings of their needs and learning abilities.

Gap Year Teaching in Chenapou Primary School, Guyana

Chenapou Primary School, Guyana

What skills do I need?

  • Energy – You need to be able to cater to the shorter attention spans of the children and keep them engaged.
  • Organisation – You will have to plan ahead to ensure you know what you’re teaching for each subject.
  • A love of children – These are the young people you will be spending your working hours with.
  • Adaptability – Things may not always go according to your plans!
  • Patience – It can take time to explain and teach something, but when it clicks it’ll be hugely rewarding.

Where can I volunteer?

Gap Year Teaching in Botswana
Gap Year Teaching in Ghana
Gap Year Teaching in Malawi
Gap Year Teaching in South Africa
Gap Year Teaching in Cambodia
Gap Year Teaching in India
Gap Year Teaching in Honduras

“My work with my students reached much further than the classroom. Being a teacher is only the start – you become a friend and a role model.”

Louise, Gap Year Teaching Volunteer in Guyana

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