Gap Year Journey

Volunteering with Project Trust is a journey with many challenging but exciting stages. Your association with Project Trust begins many months before your year overseas with a trip to our home on the Hebridean Isle of Coll.

#1 Selection

Project Trust Selection

Selection gives candidates the chance to get to know Project Trust, and gives us enough time to make an informed decision as to whether the candidate would be suitable for a long-term voluntary placement. Around 75% – 80% of candidates are offered an overseas placement.

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#2 Fundraising

Project Trust Gap year Fundraising

Fundraising is an important part of the journey and is an opportunity to learn and develop skills which will be useful overseas and beyond. Project Trust’s dedicated Fundraising Support Team work with each Volunteer to help them to reach their fundraising targets.

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#3 Training

Project Trust Gap year Training

Before heading overseas Volunteers attend a pre-departure training course which prepares them on the specifics of the country and project they are going to. Volunteers are trained in country groups and will also meet their project partner for the first time.

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#4 Your Gap Year

Project Trust Gap year

Every year 300 Project Trust Volunteers head to Africa, Asia and Latin America for eight to 12 month teaching, social care and outward bound projects. Every Volunteer has a completely unique experience overseas.

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#5 Debriefing

Project Trust Gap year Debriefing

This two day residential course on the Isle of Coll allows Volunteers to reflect on their experiences overseas and celebrate their achievements individually and as a country group. Debriefing is the final unit that Volunteers complete to gain accreditation of a Level 3 Foundation Year in Global Volunteering and Citizenship.

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#6 Post Gap Year

Project Trust, after your Gap Year

Through working and living in challenging environments overseas Volunteers develop a deeper understanding of different countries and issues. We strongly believe that Volunteers, participating as active Global Citizens, have a valuable contribution to global learning and understanding in the UK.

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