Volunteer Fundraising

As a small charity, Project Trust relies upon the utmost fundraising efforts from all our volunteers to ensure that we continue to provide a fulfilling gap year experience.

Fundraising for your Gap Year

The cost of a year abroad with Project Trust is met through the fundraising efforts of Project Trust, you and your fellow volunteers. You may have some experience of fundraising, if not, don’t worry. Thousands of volunteers have been in your situation and managed to raise the funds.

We will take you through the basics of fundraising on your selection course. Plus, we will give you a comprehensive fundraising advice pack, and we have a dedicated fundraising support team to help you reach your target. Furthermore, we hold fundraising meetings throughout the UK for you and your parents.

Help & Advice

An important part of the selection course is spent learning how to fundraise, where to start, and how to make the most of the support available. Once you have been selected we will send you a comprehensive Fundraising Advice Pack with ideas and information. In addition there is always a member of the fundraising team willing to give you help or advice over the telephone or by email.

When selection courses are over we will arrange a series of fundraising workshops for you and your parents, held at the same time as the parents’ meetings. These will be run by experienced staff members who aim to help you with ideas for fundraising events and offer encouragement. We also cover issues or areas of concern that parents may have about you going abroad.

Are there any additional costs?

You will be expected to fund journeys from your home to Oban and back for Selection, Training and Debriefing. Information on how to get the best deal to Oban can be found here. Project Trust pays for the cost of the ferry crossing to Coll.

You will also need to pay for your own visa which could cost up to £250, your medical examination and inoculations, and equip yourself for the year with clothing. You might, for example, have to buy a sleeping bag or rucksack.

Throughout the year you will need some spending money (for your long holidays), around £1,000 would be an average sum, but this can vary depending upon which country you go to. Project Trust does not encourage you to take too much money overseas, this would be unfair on other members of the group and means that you might tend to live and travel at a standard not consistent with your role as a volunteer.

Project Trust Bursary Support

Project Trust is launching a new Access Fund for young people whose circumstances would make it difficult to reach the full fundraising target for departure in 2017/18.  This support may be awarded in the form of a discount of up to 50% of the fundraising targets depending on the circumstances of each applicant.

There is also a Selection Bursary available for applicants to attend Selection, which can assist with the Selection Booking fee and travel to the Isle of Coll.

Download our Bursary Policy

Please contact info@projecttrust.org.uk for a more information or to request an application.

Fundraising Targets

Every volunteer is expected to raise funds to cover the majority of the cost of their year overseas, Project Trust’s own fundraising contributes around £600 for each volunteer as well.

During the fundraising our volunteers learn many skills which they will use abroad and for the rest of their life. These include planning and organisational skills, the ability to complete complex application forms and write formal letters, accurate record keeping and it allows them to practice their presentation skills before they face a classroom.

Running successful fundraising events boosts volunteer’s self confidence and many parents are amazed at what their sons and daughters achieve even before they start their year away.

Length of Placement Fundraising Target
8 months £5,500
12 months £6,200

What’s covered?

Return flights from the UK (usually London) to your overseas project country.
Comprehensive medical insurance while overseas.
Your Selection course on the Isle of Coll, including all meals and accommodation and return ferry ticket from Oban.
Your Training course on the Isle of Coll, including all meals and accommodation and return ferry ticket from Oban.
In addition to your host, you will have an in country representative and a UK based Desk Officer, who will visit every project at least once a year.
Accommodation will be provided for all volunteers when they are overseas and in most projects food is provided, if not, you will be given an allowance to cover food and standard living costs while at your project.
Your Debriefing course on the Isle of Coll, including all meals and accommodation and return ferry ticket from Oban.

Volunteer Fundraising Support

You will be supported through your fundraising by one of our dedicated personal support officers. They are on hand to give you sage advice on how to maximise your fundraising potential. Listen to them and keep them in the loop with your fundraising activities.

Conor Moran
Conor MoranFundraising Officer
Hannah Bowry Williams | Uganda 2011/12
Hannah Bowry Williams | Uganda 2011/12Volunteer Fundraising Officer
Nic Smith
Nic SmithVolunteer Fundraising Officer

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