Sara is going to volunteer with Project Trust in Honduras in 2016/17. Through a series of workshops in Newton Primary School Sara combined preparation for her year away, promoting Global Citizenship and fundraising. She explained how she organised the workshops and why she enjoyed running them:

Belle and Sara delivering their Global Citizenship session

Belle and Sara delivering their Global Citizenship session

One of Project Trust’s fundamental values is Global Citizenship. It is embedded in every part of your experience with the charity, from a workshop during Selection, to the One Awards qualification, to your time volunteering overseas. Once you’re back from volunteering Project Trust encourage you to be a Global Citizenship Ambassador by running workshops about global issues in UK schools. You could say that exploring the idea of being an active Global Citizen is the Project Trust experience.

I had an idea to combine running Global Citizenship workshops in my old primary school with fundraising through a none-uniform day. I spoke to Mrs McManus, the Head Teacher at Newton Primary School, and she was very excited to help me organise the event.

Project Trust’s Global Citizenship Ambassadors base workshops on global issues they’ve experienced first-hand whilst overseas. Obviously as someone who hasn’t yet volunteered overseas I don’t have the same first-hand experiences, so I contacted Heloise Allan, Project Trust’s Head of Education, to ask for advice. Heloise arranged for Belle, a Returned Volunteer from Honduras now studying at the University of Edinburgh, to help me.


Over the next few weeks, Belle and I emailed back and forth, then met in Edinburgh, to plan the workshops. Project Trust gave us a template Global Citizenship presentation to base our workshops on. We would be presenting to each year group so came up with different ideas for P1-3 and P4-7. We kept it simple P1-3, aiming to broaden their knowledge of countries and compare and contrast the lives of school children in Scotland and Honduras. With P4-7 we brought in more global issues to do with language, education and poverty, and religion.

I also met with a group of P7s from the We Count group, who organise fundraising at Newton Primary School, and their teacher Mrs Kane. I told them about Project Trust, what I was going to be doing on my year abroad and what my plan was for the workshops and the non-uniform day. They were great and I’m so glad they were involved – they asked so many good questions and seemed really interested which got me excited for doing the workshops.

I wanted the date of the none-uniform day we chose to be Global Citizenship themed, so we settled on UNICEF’s Day for Change. I liked the idea of a day where I could inspire people to think more globally and ask themselves what they can to help others. The We Count group had a great idea to assign each year group a country that Project Trust works in and task the, with wearing the corresponding colours of the flag.

So finally all the planning was done, the prep was finished and all that was left was to actually run the workshops and have the non-uniform day!

CLASS dressed in Honduras colours for the none-uniform day

Newton Primary School P7 dressed in Honduras colours for the none-uniform day

Over the course of a few days we ran workshops for all the classes in the school, based on Belle’s experiences in Honduras. For some of them they hadn’t even known Honduras was a place, and for me, even just having taught them that, having widened their view of the world, was worth all the effort of planning and running the workshops. Another point that came up a lot was that they were surprised that some children would only receive one meal a day, while they are at school. As for being Global Citizenship, the pupils really engaged with ideas about looking after our planet, caring for other people and being aware and respectful of other cultures, religions and beliefs around the world.

I feel we accomplished everything we wanted to. Everyone (even the teachers!) learnt something new through the workshops, we helped spread Project Trust’s message and ethos and we definitely managed to raise me some money – after all the pounds had been collected we raised an amazing £392.83!! I know I enjoyed doing it all and I hope that Belle and the kids did too.

You’ve probably noticed I keep saying ‘we’ and that’s because this really was a team effort. I want to give my biggest thanks to Belle because I honestly couldn’t have done this without her – ¡Gracias! I also want to send a big thank you to Mrs McManus, Mrs Kane and the We Count group at Newton Primary School for helping me organise everything. Thank you to Heloise at Project Trust too for all her help and enthusiasm. Finally, I can’t finish without thanking all the pupils at Newton Primary who listened to us so well, participated brilliantly, brought in their £1 and who hopefully will take Global Citizenship with them through the rest of their lives.

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