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Volunteer in Chile

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With opportunities for teaching or social care volunteering in urban or rural environments, a Chile gap year with Project Trust can offer different things to people with different interests – and that’s before you’ve even thought about the massive range of environments and climates to explore when you’re travelling.

Volunteer in Chile

Chile gap year Volunteers who work as Language Assistants are placed with with Belén Educa, an organisation working in schools in economically deprived areas. Belén Educa’s belief is that by increasing quality of education in these schools children will be able to escape poverty and increase their standard of living. Being able to speak English greatly improves your chances of employment in Chile. Children from disadvantaged backgrounds get a huge benefit from learning English from a native speaker.

Volunteers who work with Chilean charity Coanil are working with people with disabilities. Coanil’s mission is to ensure that people with disabilities are not marginalised and are included in mainstream societies. They work towards increasing the standard of living for people with disabilities and giving them the same opportunities as individuals without disabilities. Volunteers’ time is split between working in schools and care homes to make the goals of Coanil possible.

Volunteer in Chile

Volunteer in Chile with Project Trust

Why volunteer in Chile?

There are geographical extremes etched in the landscape, from the parched Atacama Desert in the north, through fertile farmland and volcanoes to the fjords and glaciers of the south.

The big cities of Chile, like its capital Santiago and Puerto Montt in the South, are vibrant, modern metropolises. The architecture and structure of Santiago feels as distant from the rural areas of Chile as London does from the Hebrides. But you’ll be working in urban or rural areas that the money of Chile’s economic boom hasn’t reached.

Through living and working in Chile for 12 months you’ll become fluent in Spanish, gain an in-depth understanding of the country’s customs and culture and whichever placement you’re in will have the satisfaction of making a significant contribution to your project.

Chile Gap Year Projects

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Chile Gap Year highlights…

  • Hike for days in the breathtaking landscape of Torres Del Paine National Park in mountainous Patagonia

  • See millions of stars at the observatory on the desert of San Pedro de Atacama

  • Eat your weight in BBQ food at a Chilean Family ‘Asado’

  • Practice your Spanish with local shopkeepers and quickly pick up some colourful Chilean slang

  • Climb a volcano in the adventure capital of Pucón, then slide your way down on sledge

“It was a fantastic opportunity to experience a different culture in every way possible; to travel, meet new people, try exciting food and share with local people in the most rewarding ways.”

Ruth, Chile Gap Year Volunteer

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