Celebrating World Environment Day in Nepal

World Environment Day, Nepal

World Environment Day is celebrated around the world on the 5th June. On this day, every year, the United Nations urge people across the world to take action to preserve our world and to protect all nature within it. Becky Osmond and her partner Catherine Scriven celebrated this day whilst teaching overseas in Nepal with Project Trust; Becky has told us how she marked the day and why she feels it was important to her and the pupils that she was teaching:

From living in Nepal over the past year, both Catherine and myself noticed that there was a huge problem with littering; we thought it was something that went unnoticed. We decided that we wanted to draw some attention to this and by marking World Environment Day in our school we hoped that we would be able to help the children in our classes to consider that littering is not good for the earth and that it is something that shouldn’t be done.

We decided that we would go into each class within the school because we felt really strongly about getting all children to stop littering. We really wanted our Global Citizenship Sessions to portray the message that littering is damaging for the environment and we thought that it was very important that the children properly understood this message. Because of this, we decided to run all the sessions in Nepali so we knew that the message would not be lost. This also really benefited Catherine and myself as we learnt a lot of new Nepali vocabulary.

World Environment Day, Nepal

World Environment Day, Nepal

The day involved Catherine and myself going into each class and talking about what the environment is. We found that a lot of the children did not know the word ‘environment’ in Nepali so we were able to teach them new vocabulary throughout the session. We looked at what you should and shouldn’t do to the environment through games and music. The game involved throwing ‘rubbish’ into a bucket, which helped the children to learn positive actions that they should be taking to tidy our environment. We taught them a song about the environment, which they ended up singing to us almost every day until we left – we definitely think our message will never be lost!

The sessions were really enjoyable for both the children and ourselves.

They have not eliminated the littering problem in Nepal, but we did have an impact on the children in our school because following World Environment Day, we could see lots of children picking up rubbish of their own accord and these small actions could have a big impact in the future.