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This is one of Project Trust’s smallest country programmes, with only two Botswana gap year placements each year. Volunteers work in a project called Bana ba Metsi, a residential school for youth at risk in the north of the country. We’ve organised Volunteer gap years at Bana ba Metsi for almost two decades and even amongst the wide variety of projects available through Project Trust this is one of the most unique.

Volunteer in Botswana

The objective of Bana ba Metsi is to educate and rehabilitate youth at risk who are no longer in mainstream education. Pupils at the school are taught to achieve their Primary School Leaving Exam, as well as learning vocational skills such as construction, carpentry, plumbing, mechanics and cooking.

The school is located on the eastern bank of the Okavango River, about 10 kilometres from the village of Ngarange. The rural location allows Bana be Metsi to remove the pupils from any personal or social factors which were negatively influencing their education or lifestyle.

As a Volunteer in Botswana you will teach academic subjects such as Maths, English and Science in the mornings. In the afternoons they contribute to the general running of the school, supervising work groups, carrying out maintenance tasks and learning and developing practical skills alongside their students.

Botswana Gap Year

Tom, Project Trust Volunteer in Botswana relaxes in a mokoro.

Why volunteer in Botswana?

Botswana gap year Volunteers at Bana ba Metsi fulfil a vital role in helping to teach academics and vocational skills to vulnerable young people, contributing to their chances of gaining employment.

As a role model for young men who may have experienced homelessness, substance abuse, violence or crime, Volunteers are in a position of high responsibility. This develops the Volunteers’ leadership abilities, whilst assisting with vocational lessons improves their practical skills.

Living at Bana ba Metsi isn’t just about being in a beautiful setting for a year. The location means Volunteers form strong bonds with the pupils and staff at the school, becoming a key part of a completely unique community.

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Botswana Gap Year highlights…

Sam, Gap Year Volunteer in Botswana

“I feel I am more aware of what is going on globally. It’s a great experience to help people at such a young age and the whole thing has changed my perspective of what an individual is capable of.”

Sam, Botswana Gap Year Volunteer

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