The Project Trust Selection Course is a five day residential on the Isle of Coll for those who have been successful at application stage. Selection gives the candidate an opportunity to meet the Project Trust staff team and learn more about the organisation, whilst also providing us with the opportunity to learn more about the candidate and their suitability to volunteer overseas for up to a year.

Project Trust Selection Course

“For the first time I met a whole bunch of people who shared similar passions and values.”

Kate, Senegal

You could find yourself on a Selection Course with up to 40 other likeminded people from all over the UK and Europe. You will learn to make friends with people from a whole range of different backgrounds and, no matter your background or where you’ve come from, all Selection candidates are in the same boat on this exciting journey. Over the course of your five day Selection Course, strangers really can turn into friends for life.

Project Trust Selection Course

“Selection gave me all the information I needed to make an informed decision about where I wanted to spend my year abroad.”

Jessica, Honduras

You may have had a look at our website to get an idea of the countries you could possibly volunteer in but Selection will enable you to gain a much deeper understanding. Coming up onto a Project Trust Selection Course will enable you to learn lots more about Project Trust, what you can do and where you can go. You’ll have the opportunity to speak to members of staff, many of whom are also Project Trust Returned Volunteers and tap into their experiences. There are over 20 different country programmes to learn that will help you get a better idea of where you may like to go and what type of volunteering you would like to do. The world will suddenly seem bigger and much more interesting.

Project Trust Selection Course

“I really loved the journeys getting there and away.”

Jack, Senegal

The journey to the Isle of Coll can be the first time travelling alone for many young people. Whilst this may seem scary, independent travel will give you a sense of pride and achievement, as well as the chance to witness some beautiful Scottish scenery on the way. Whether your journey takes you two days or two hours, you will get a taste of what is to come during your placement overseas, and you might even find a second home on the Isle of Coll. Our Volunteers often associate Coll with adventure and the start of an incredible next chapter of your life.

Project Trust Selection Course

“Selection taught me that being a Project Trust Volunteer is less about what you know and more about what you’re willing to learn.”

Eleanor, Honduras

As a young person, you possess many vital soft skills that you may not even realise you have. Project Trust has identified five core skills which you will develop at each stage of your journey, starting with your Selection Course. These are: communication and collaboration, resilience, self-confidence, leadership and awareness. Selection is specifically designed to give you the opportunity to utilise and develop these skills through a range of different tasks and activities. You might even surprise yourself with what you’re capable of…

Project Trust Selection Course

“It was unlike anything I had ever done before and gave me the confidence that taking a gap year was something I could do.”

Eva, Honduras

Going overseas for up to a year is a challenge and Selection will be the first opportunity for you to see if you are up to the challenge. Selection provides an insight into what you can expect overseas and will encourage you to take part in a range of different tasks and activities, some of which we can assure you will never have done before! By living with a host family you will have the first opportunity to immerse yourself in a new community. You’ll be outside rain or shine, you’ll work both independently and as part of a team, as well as volunteering within the community on Coll.

Project Trust Selection Course

“It is possible to become a volunteer and fundraise the money without coming from a privileged background due to the abundance of support Project provides.”

Kate, going overseas this summer.

Selection gives you the chance to meet our supportive Fundraising Team and learn all about how you can realistically meet your fundraising target. Fundraising can be daunting, and we understand this. That’s why we are dedicated to preparing and supporting you. Selection is a perfect time to discuss any worries you may have, and to share and learn new ideas on how you can complete your Fundraising Journey.

Project Trust Selection Course

“That a year overseas was something I could (and really wanted to) do.”

Tom, China

Maybe you heard about Project Trust at your school, or perhaps through a friend or family member; whatever way you have heard about Project Trust, you will undoubtedly have more questions and will be thinking about whether this is the right thing for you to do when you finish school or college. Selection will provide you with the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of what long-term volunteering overseas will really be like and what it will involve.

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