World Environment Day, Nepal

Amy Lynch, Project Trust Volunteer in Honduras

Amy Lynch from Surrey is one of the first 2016/17 Volunteers to arrive in their project placement. Amy will be spending the next 12 months living and working in Honduras.

“We arrived in Candelaria on Saturday after a delicious breakfast in Gracias: fresh fruit, omelette and fresh fruit juice. The drive was about eight hours long but we made quite a few stops as the man that was driving us had to drop off and pick up things for his work. Along the way, we stopped for some Chinese food which is, interestingly, very popular here. It’s so hard to have an appetite in this heat though! We also passed through Santa Rosa de Copán which is absolutely beautiful. It was a very bumpy ride but definitely worth it for the views.

It’s about 33 degrees C and around 65% humidity. Very lethargic heat. When we arrived, we were greeted by the family that set up the project in Candelaria. The program was only started about 8 months ago in Candelaria after this family saw what great things Project Trust was doing in Tomala, a near-by municipal. But, we’re not staying with them, we’re staying down the street in a lovely house with an equally lovely family with two adorable little girls who are 5 and 8 years old. Our new Mum is making us feel very at home with everything from food to furniture. We’re also trying to teach everyone a bit of English in the house!

Today marked one week since we arrived in Honduras and Sara and I are definitely feeling more at home. It was very overwhelming when we arrived in Candelaria a few days ago and everyone was speaking rapid Spanish but we’ve definitely started to understand more and the language is coming more easily to us now.


The view’s not too shabby!

We had our first day of lessons today! We started off in Kindergarten which was very, very difficult. Not going to sugar coat that one. We just weren’t prepared for children that young. They need lots of songs and activities or they just lose interest completely! We will be singing more tomorrow! Next was the first grade class. They were very well-behaved and had a genuine interest in learning English. Sara and I taught this together which was a great break, we sang a few songs (head, shoulders knees and toes is a massive hit for all ages) and went back over our colours. Next was third grade and they were very well behaved too and knew lots of English so we did animals and more colours and a few songs. At break we played a lot of tag and its ridiculously hot and humid here right now so that was very sweaty. Fifth grade was also fantastic and they love talking so it was a very loud class but a productive one, we learned animals! Might need a bit of revision tomorrow though. We have the afternoons pretty much to ourselves, right now, to relax and plan lessons for the next day. There’s a possibility that we’re going to start teaching at the secondary school though, we might have to start being more productive in our free time if that’s the case haha.

All in all, I think we’re really going to enjoy living here, there’s a great community feel to it. We just need to make some friends our own age so I guess that’s our next goal!

You can keep up to speed with Amy’s adventures in Honduras by reading her blog.