Global Citizenship Planner | Spring

The March edition of our Global Citizenship Update is based around Art, Recycling, Families and Cultural Diversity. Having had a lot of time in your projects now you should be in a good position to identify what global issues are around you and how you can contribute to teaching and learning with the people in your community. Support resources we have provided this month range from drawing community sketch maps, to making tributes to family members and fun games that can be played with recyclable material.

Upcoming Days which you may be interested in marking include:

(Days marked with a ‘+’ include Lesson Plans to download)

The minimum requirement for the Overseas Unit is to mark one day, explaining why you chose that day to focus on and what you did to celebrate it (pg 12-13 in your Overseas Placement Booklet). However we encourage you to fully engage with Global Citizenship Education by marking as many days as possible.

Here are some examples from previous years’ Volunteers:

Don’t worry if you are not able to mark the international day on its exact date, it’s not a global issue for just one day of the year!

And Finally…

Most importantly, don’t forget to write to us and tell us all about your Global Citizenship sessions. We want to celebrate your success on our blog, website and here in the office. We also want to offer support and advice in any way we can – so do get in touch.

Ideally, we’d like you to post about your session on Project Trust’s Facebook page. And remember, please take photos too! Here’s the type of thing we’re looking for:

Latest Global Citizenship Stories from the Blog

If you would like to share your Global Citizenship stories on our website, please email the Education Development Officer.

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